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Diane Selman

I have been quilting for over 20 years and have been sewing forever.  As a fellow quilter, quilting and sewing are my life; I truly love and enjoy it.  In my search for a longarm quilting machine, I found that the computerized Innova by ABM International was the answer to my prayers.  I am very particular about the professional quality, the consistency of the stitches in my quilt finishing, and the perfect designs created by the Innova. 


When I had to search for longarm quilting services, I encountered a number of challenges.  The results were not acceptable, so I decided to create to serve quilters.  We have had the machine quilting business for a number of years; I enjoy working on each and every quilt as if it were my own.


Quilters that know me say that Diane Selamn is meticulous (picky).  That is because I truly understand the number of hours and the love that goes into creating every quilt.  You should expect the same in return with your long arm quilter. 



 Owner and Long Arm Quilter

I would like to thank all my customers who gave me the absolute pleasure in quilting their wonderful works of art made in fabric.  Every quilt is so unique.  I am very fortunate to be able to spend my time stitching beautiful designs for all of you.  Keep Stitching.........

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