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Quilt Dedication


I added this page to share the stories that accompany a quilt.  Quilters have a heart of gold .  It is an example of the love and compassion that many quilters have for those less fortunate.


Andrea's Country Roads 

This is a Quilt Dedication from a wonderful quilter with a hugh heart.........She made this for a woman who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and is quite the fighter.  Not only does she have this health problem but her son has MS and is mentally challenged.  She has the daily challenge of getting him in and out of a wheel chair and endeavoring to maneuver him around a home that is not wheelchair friendly.  But.... she continues to push on and because of her tenacity and care for others I wanted to honor her with this quilt that I've named "Andrea's Country Roads".

Crossroads quilt is a Quilt Dedication to a special lady

In my years of quilting, I have noticed one special quality of quilters:  “Quilters are Givers!”    When talking with my clients, there is always a story behind a quilt.  I have been blessed with the stories of these quilts that I have quilted from all over the country.  Some of these quilts are gifts to Tornado victims, Habitat for Humanity, Hurricane Victims and especially for the young children that are placed in temporary homes due to family situations.  Most of these children will be taken from their homes with only the clothing on their backs.  I read an article that a police department has a supply of children’s quilts in their trunks ready for the next child that they need to transport to a safer home.

I know of a Gal (a good friend and fellow quilter) that took it upon herself to make 13 quilt tops for some of the Joplin Tornado victims.  She also has a longarm machine.  When I heard of her quest to get these quilted, another fellow quilter and I took equal shares of the tops and got the job done in record time.

Another client who lives in Austin, Texas, made a number of quilts for the Katrina Hurricane victims.  She amazes me so much in the number of quilts she has made and she works a full-time job!  I asked how she does it and she replied, “sometimes I get the time to eat and eventually some sleep!”  She is a wonderful person and I love her to pieces.  One day, I hope to meet her in person. 

There are many more stories that I could share but I think you get the point. To me, a quilt is special.  A quilter will go thru great pain-staking process in making the decisions as to the pattern of the quilt, and then comes the choice of fabric colors.  By the way, my husband has the color talent down to an art and I love him for that.  With so many wonderful choices of fabric lines out there, I go nuts.  My husband’s job is to keep me focused on one project at a time.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! It’s just not me!

Once these details of the pattern and color choice are finalized, the piecing is next in line.  Then the hours of sewing begin.  Along with that; meals, laundry, eating and sleeping are left behind on the wayside.  If you are blessed to have a longarm machine, your finished pieced top is now ready for the quilting process…..oh, I almost forgot, another decision has to be made; the quilting pattern!  With the wonderful, talented artists out there in the design world, I give them my humble "THANK YOU".  Without you, my life would not be any fun!   After hours of quilting on the longarm, then it’s attaching the binding and hand sewing….yes… hand sewing!  Now the decision, to keep it or to give it away.  I’m willing to bet that the majority of the quilts are gifts of some sort.  Very few are referred to as “MINE”. 

To summarize the life of a quilt, I truly love this poem:


Quilter's Poem
Love is a quilt.  A quilt is love.
Both love and a quilt should be:
Soft enough to comfort you,
Bright enough to cheer you,
Generous enough to enfold you,
Light enough to let you move freely,
Strong enough to withstand adversity,
Durable enough to last a lifetime,
And given gladly, from the heart. 
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