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Memorial Quilt


I received a call from a lovely lady who had 5 pieces of clothing from her Dad and asked if I would create a Memorial Quilt for her.  She did research for a quilter in Austin, Texas and found me.  She realized that I made a number of quilts and requested my services. Here is her story.......and her Keepsake Memorial Quilt.

Memorial quilt for father that was very loved

A Tribute to Her Dad


While redoing our master bedroom, I came across some clothing from my father, who passed of cancer eight years ago.  All were still in good condition and I couldn’t fathom just donating them to charity.  Eight years later it was still so hard to give up things that he had touched and that had belonged to him.  I remembered my mom taking pieces of her father’s clothing when he passed away and making a quilt out of them for my grandmother.  It was so sentimental and dear.  I did not inherit that great talent however, so as with my usual self, I found myself surfing the internet for machine quilters. 

I happened across Diane’s website, and reviewed some of her pieces.  She had one that was a Christmas quilt that was so amazing.  I contacted Diane via email and asked her to contact me.  Within the same day, Diane contacted me and we had a great conversation. I then sent her the 5 pieces of clothing I had.  A few days later she called and said she could do something with them, and we talked briefly about pricing.  Honestly, I really did not care. I just didn’t want to let go of those pieces.

Diane emailed me asking me about my father,  what his likes and interests were.  My father was a pilot in the military, flew off aircraft carriers, was shot down during the Vietnam war, worked in the Pentagon, loved to fly, loved to golf, loved Jimmy Buffet, and so on and  so on.  I sent her a strange list of items that I knew were his favorite things, only strange in how I remember them in  a list such as a favorite Christmas carol, his love of boating, flying, golfing, Jimmy Buffet, the Navy, etc.  I also sent Diane a photo to help.  

And then it was quiet.  My daily life moved along until one day I got a phone call, about three weeks later.  Diane called, letting me know she was done with the quilt and wanted to deliver to me in person.  We set up a time and she and her husband came to our home.  When Diane and Mike came in they handed me the quilt folded up.  I must admit, I was afraid to unfold it.   But after a few deep breaths, I unfolded it slowly.  To my surprise the quilt was beyond words and expectations.  She was able to capture the true essence of my father’s personality.  Every detail from the Purple heart medal, to the airplane, to the picture of him in his flight uniform, the quilt is beyond words and expectation.  It is a beautiful remembrance of my father, made of his clothing, made from memories of him.  Something that can passed down to my nieces and nephews in the future.

I cannot express the gratitude I have to Diane and Mike for making such an incredible memorial piece for a man whom I loved so dearly all my life. 


Memorial Quilt portion - his militar
Memorial Quilt insignia - US Navy
Memorial Quilt - love of life
Memorial Quilt with Purple Heart
Memorial Quilt tribute
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