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MyLongarm Quilting Studio


Our Quilting Studio has 3 Longarm Quilting machines to meet your quilting needs.  We have a 12 foot, 10 foot and an 8 foot longarm quilting machine; all machines are functionally identical so you get the same quality from either machine.


This is the view from our Longarm Quilting Studio room.    In the evenings, the sunsets are incredibile; breathtaking. 


Our 1st Longarm Quilting Machine is 12 feet long.  It is able to accomodate a king size quilt very easily.


Our 2nd Longarm Quilting Machine is 10 feet long.  It is able to accomodate a queen  size quilt very easily.


Our 3rd Longarm Quilting Machine is 8 feet long.  It can quilt up to a width of  80 inches very nicely.

Providing hundreds of colors, King Tut thread for your quilt

To meet your longarm quilting needs, we stock all of King Tut cotton thread and all of So Fine #50 polyester thread.

MyLongarm provides the very best batting for your quilt

We supply Quilters Dream batting;  100% cotton or 80/20 blend.  We love the quality of Quilters Dream batting and our customers love it too.

This is my space where I can create my works of art!   I love the sewing area I was able to create with my husband's office furniture.  His loss is my gain!

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