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Why Choose Us ? 
Longarm Quilting is our PASSION !

Looking for the best longarm quilting services? Look no further! Our team is passionate about providing top-quality quilting services that will bring your vision to life. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we are the perfect choice for all your quilting needs. Choose us and experience the difference today!

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$.02 per square inch  for edge-to-edge Quilting  All patterns !

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

We are currently at a 2 Week Turnaround.

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3 Innova Commercial Longarm Quilting Machines, fully robotic located in our home.


We have hundreds of Threads to choose from 

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"Free" trimmimg of your quilt upon completion.

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Meet your Professional Longarmers - Mike and Diane 
"Mike the Quilter" is showcased on numerous Fat Quarter Shop YouTube videos!


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All Quilting is performed by the owners, Mike and Diane.  No Employees, No new employee training, No turnover of staff. Just Great Quilting on your Work of Art ! 

Image by Joel Moysuh

Mail in orders only.  We are located in Southern Virginia.  We have completed over 6,000 quilts in 13 years, serving all 50 States, and England !

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