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Why do I Quilt ?


Quilting is my Passion.  I am very fortunate to live near Austin, Texas, and it's 3 hours to Houston.  When I saw the movie, Bucket List with Jack Nicholson, I decided to make my own "Bucket List" and the first item on it was the Houston Quilt Show.  My first experience at the show was back in 2008.  It was truly amazing to see all those quilts and all the vendors.  I thought I died and went to heaven!  I took lots of pictures of the quilts and I shopped until I dropped!  I had a blast.  Needless to say, I have gone to the Houston Quilt Show Festival every year since.  I told my husband, Mike, that it's my Christmas.  Believe it or not, I actually wrap all the patterns, kits and fabrics and place them under the Christmas tree every year.  Mike doesn't ask "Why do I Quilt"? 

To date, I have 46 projects patiently waiting for me to cut, sew, quilt, etc.  One of my best friends told me that "fabric lasts forever" so I have plenty of time to get these done.  Currently I am piecing the Bali Double Wedding Ring quilt by Judy Niemeyer.  It is such a beautiful quilt especially with the star burst within the wedding rings.  When I saw this quilt in one of the vendors booth, I just had to have the kit.  So far, I have all the rings pieced.  I hope to work on it again after the Christmas rush of quilts.  I sometimes get a little jealous when I see my clients finishing their quilts for the holidays.  At least it won't take me 15 years to complete.  That is how long it took me to finish my Baltimore Album....15 years.  It's mine and it's done!


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