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Our Order Form Calculates the Price of Long Arm Quilting Services

To begin the calculation process , select the Order Form button that matches how your quilt will be sent to us.

The only difference between the two order forms is that the Local Pickup excludes shipping costs.


Simply select the services you desire and it calculates your actual price for long arm quilting services.  The pricing calculator is quick and easy.....check it out!


Payment Terms - Payment is expected prior to returning the quilt to you.  There are 2 options:  We will email you an invoice through PayPal's secure web site; payment can be made by debit or credit card by simply clicking on the PayPal link in the email OR enclose a check with your quilt top made payable to:


Shipping - To ship a package to us from anywhere in the USA, use USPS Priority Mail Click-N-Ship; the cost is $11.30 for a medium size box.  We will receive your package within 2-3 days.  Once we receive your package, we will immediately notify you by email to confirm a safe arrival. 


Our Location - We are located in the beautiful hill country of Central Texas between Austin and San Antonio.



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