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 Quilt Prep

Quilt Preparation Check List

This is a helpful guide to assist you in preparing your Quilt Top and Backing for our longarm quilting services.   If you follow these steps, you will have an amazing quilt!

Print a PDF of this Check List

  Quilt top should be trimmed down to the final finished size.  We will not cut or trim your quilt top.  We only trim the quilt once the quilting process is finished.  We will trim up to the quilt top edges at no charge.  All of the remaining backing fabric that is trimmed off will be returned to you.
  Backing fabric must be 5 " larger than Quilt top on the all sides.  In order for the machine head to reach the absolute edge of your quilt top, I need the additional clearance of 5 inches on all sides of the quilt top. All fabric selvages should be removed from the backing fabric.  The selvage is woven much tighter than the fabric and if not trimmed off, the backing fabric will not lay flat.  Batting must be purchased from us to ensure quality results.  We use Dream Batting for all your batting needs.  We offer 100% Cotton batting or 70/30 blend (70% cotton and 30% polyester)
  If your Quilt does not have an outside border, we highly recommend that you "stay stitch" slightly less than ¼” around the edge of your entire quilt to ensure the seams do not pull apart.  This stitching will be hidden once your binding is attached to the quilt.
  Remove all pins, buttons, charms, sequins, couching, and any other embellishments from your Quilt Top.  The sewing foot on the longarm quilting machine only has the clearance of a nickel.  That's not much room between the fabric and the sewing foot.
  Identify the top of your quilt and top of the backing fabric with a safety pin and a note attached.
  Trim all loose threads on the top and the underside of your quilt top.  Loose threads can get caught in the quilting process and the results would not be very pretty.
  Press your quilt top and backing fabric with seams open or to one side. 
  Measure your quilt across the top, bottom and center.  All measurements should be the same to ensure puckers do not occur in the quilting process.   Borders that do not lay flat will cause tucks, pleats or fullness.
  Shipping your Quilt top - Include the following:
  • Quilt Top
  • Backing Fabric
  • Printed Order Form 
  • If Binding is required:  minimum one yard.  I will return any unused binding.
If not using a Credit Card via PayPal, please include a check made payable to:

Place all items in a strong plastic bag before placing in the shipping box.  You can never predict the weather when the package is between the USPS Mail truck and our studio in TX.

We recommend you ship your quilt by USPS using the FLAT RATE PRIORITY boxes.  This is less expensive than Regular Priority Boxes and we will receive your quilt in 2-3 days. When using Click & Ship by USPS, a medium sized FLAT RATE PRIORITY box can be shipped to us for $11.30 from  anywhere in the USA and a tracking number is automatically assigned.  These boxes are free at any US Post Office.

*******Most Important*******Please do not label “QUILT” anywhere on your box.
For your protection against THEFT, please use our shipping address as listed below:

Diane Selman
1099 Hot Spring Valley
Buda, Texas   78610

I look forward to quilting your creation in the professional manner that you deserve and expect.